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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sock Snowmen :)

[We've all seen/had a sock monkey.......but how cute are these!!! ~Tina]

How cute are these to make with the little ones?!!!!!!!!!!!

For this craft, you'll need:
a pair of old socks that are crew length, or longer,
rubber bands,
map pins with heads,
any left over fabric, if you want for a scarf. 

First, cut off the top of the sock from the foot. 
Turn the sock inside out and attach a rubber band tightly to the top of the sock.
Then turn the sock right-side out again. 
Fill the sock with rice. Make sure to pack it down as you go so the sock gets a nice round base. 
Rubber band the top of the sock closed and put another rubber band 3/4 of the way to the top for the head of your snowman. 
Now, decorate!
Tie a scarf around your snowman's neck and add eyes, nose, and buttons. 
Use the toe of your cut socks to fashion a stocking cap.
Or you could use colored argyle socks to create hats and sweaters for your snowman. 
You can either sew or glue on your buttons, and add embellishments - twine, bows, ribbons, etc - as needed.  
This is such a quick and easy craft - 10 minutes tops - that it would be simple to create a whole family of snowmen for your mantle!

as seen on and copied from facebook

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