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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Design your own Christmas Bulbs

Design your own Christmas Bulbs

I love this! Such a cute idea and a great way to spend time with the kids!

Put a piece of crayon in a clear Christmas bulb, use a blow dryer to melt the crayon while turning the bulb to distribute the color!!

Other suggestions from facebook replies:

Daidre S. ~ I tried this last weekend with my kids. A few tips:
1. do not use plastic bulbs, they melt(duh moment there) luckily we bought glass ones too!
2. One crayon color only. Even if u try one color at a time, it all melts together in the end.
3. While swoo
shing the melted crayon around watch out for the hole at the top, you don't want second degree burns.
4. Wear gloves! Thick ones! That bulb gets hot and stinky!!!
5. Basically a do it yourself project with no kids.
But hey, I got a BROWN Christmas bulb after all my trials and tribulations!!
Oh, and I had to use our gas stove to actually melt the crayon, my blow dryer was shooting sparks at the glass bulb. My daughter thought it was cool she seen "lightening!"

Julia M-M ~ This works WAY better with nail polish. The cheaper the better as they are more runny. Do one color at a time though or you'll get a weird color pool at the bottom. If I want sparkles, I'll start with clear and sprinkle in the glitter, let it dry then add whatever is next. It's stinky but they turn out beautiful.

Aimee M. ~ I done this with my family tonight but we used paint. Depending on where you store Christmas stuff the summer heat might make them melt again in balls. Making a mess or getting on whatever they are stored with. The paint worked well but make sure u turn upside down in plastic cup to drain. If u like the design after drained good use blow dryer. Some of mine I left to long in cups draining turned almost a solid color. So after most paint was drained I used blow dryer to set the marble look. (Instead of leaving over night to drain and dry.) Also when putting paint into glass balls - I used nickle size amount of each color or more and kept tapping ball in palm sideways over and over making paint swirl. Ours turned out great and the smaller kids can do these with plastic and without getting burned with wax too.


as seen on and copied from facebook

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