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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Paper Plate Owls

Hoooooray for fall! Isn't this cute?!

{Source unknown}

Paper Plate Owl

what you'll need:

paper plates
crayons or markers
yellow & orange construction paper


> draw feather bumps on the center of the paper plate.

> fold over, at a slant, both "sides" of the paper plate to make wings.

> fold down the "top" of the plate to make the head.

> color in the wings.

> cut a triangle beak and two feet from the orange construction paper. attach the beak to the bottom of flap head. attach the feet to the bottom of the plate.

> cut circles from the yellow construction paper for eyes, about 1 1/4" diameter or so. attach them to the top fold-over for eyes. make a black dot on each.

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as seen on and copied from facebook

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